“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

A Blessed Strait

(Please read Philippians 1:2-26)

November 19

Have you ever been in what you considered a life-threatening situation, such as facing dangerous surgery or being almost or altogether involved in a serious accident? If so, you will doubtless agree that those circumstances promote serious meditation indeed. Thoughts of one’s status before the Lord, of loved ones who may be left behind, and of the wonders of heaven – all these and similar matters may pass through our minds in such times.

Paul was often endangered and perhaps had more reason than most of us to meditate on the pros and cons of dying or continuing to serve the Lord here. In the King James Version of our text, he refers to being torn between the two possibilities as “a strait betwixt two.” It wasn’t a dilemma – a choice between two unwanted opposites – but he was faced with two desirable alternatives. And he exhibited no fear of either one.

That’s the way it should be for a Christian, to accept life or death as a win-win situation. It isn’t that we should never be afraid in this life; we’re just human, after all. But we can also have an overriding confidence that things will go well with us even in death. When we sing the old song, “Blessed Assurance,” we should really believe what we sing.

Let the blessed assurance of hope in the Lord give you strength and courage to face each day with the faith that no matter what the day may bring, all will be well because of Him who met and conquered death for us.

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