Prov.15:1. Our attitude
Matt. 11:28-30. Jesus towards us
Gentleness is a restful attitude
Eph. 4:1-3. We should be humble and gentle to effect people in positive ways

Eph. 4:1-3. The second thing in the list of attributes
Exodus 34:6. God is slow to anger. We should be patient with others.
Col. 3:12-13. You should forgive and be patient with those who need to change
2 Tim. 4:1-2. Ministers need to be patient.
Give people time to grow and change.

This is part of your value as a Christian.
Matt. 20:25-28. The values of a Christian life are different than the world.
Gal.5:13. Love is the foundation of servanthood.

Enduring Faith
Matt.24:13. Those who are firm will be saved.
Rev. 14:12. The saints are in heaven.
God will see each of us
through as we try to be dedicated to God.

Robert Lee, 5-0-04, a.m. (Robert’s mother had passed away about ten days prior to this sermon.)

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