A Husband’s Prayer

Dear heavenly Father,

How deeply I thank you for the lovely and gracious wife you have given me. Thank you for her virtue, her good nature, and her love for me and our children. Thank you for her great example of a Christian with an unwavering goal of showing her faith by her life. She takes such good care of the children and me that I can never her praise her enough. Please help me to be the kind of husband I should be, and grant that together we can be good examples to our children and to others who observe our lives.

Her goodness often reminds me that I am not worthy of her, and I want to be a kinder, more considerate and more loving husband. I pray earnestly for your help in this endeavor. May I so live that she can always be thankful that you brought us together. And may our love for one another, for you and for Jesus our Savior grow continually throughout our lives. I pray in his name.


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