John. 13:1-17

Some lessons are difficult to learn. We especially have trouble with lessons in humility. When we hear, but don’t learn we miss the blessings God has for us.

  • John 13:1-17 – Here just before Jesus is arrested, he is teaching a lesson about servanthood

True Service is Humble

  • Matt. 20:20-28- Mother asking for places of honor for her sons. Jesus says that’s not the way his kingdom works (Matt. 23:1-12) -The greatest will be the servant, the most humble
  • Luke 9:46-48 – The least is the greatest in the Kingdom
  • Luke 22:24-27 – The person who serves others is the greatest in the Kingdom. In the world you get a different lesson. In the kingdom Jesus shows us that serving is the highest ideal.
  • 1 Peter 5:1-7 – Clothe yourself with humility as the uniform of the kingdom.

True Service is Loving

  • John 13:1, 1Cor. 13:1-3 – Must have love with the whole heart.
  • 1 John 5:1-3 – Because we love God, we love his children

True Service is Active

  • Matt. 25:41-46 – We need to put Jesus’ values into action in the world.
  • James 2:14-17, 4:17 -Put your faith into action

–Robert Lee, 12-13-09, a.m.

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