God’s Intention for His Temple 

Solomon’s Temple Dedication

  • 2 Chron. 6:1-42- What is the purpose of this temple?  The temple is a physical place where people could come unto God and be reconciled to God.  This is a message of hope and of grace. 
  •  2 Chron. 7:11-22 – God says that he knows we make mistakes but as long as these people acknowledge God and seek him out these people will be blessed.  If these people turn from him everything will be turned over to their enemies.    God says he understands human weaknesses and wants us to not turn from him.  Never give up on God.

Prophetic Promises and Warnings

  • Isaiah 56:1-8 – God is calling people to be obedient to him and to receive blessings. 
  • Jeremiah 7:8-15 – These people’s sinfulness has caused them to abandon God and God will destroy Solomon’s temple

Jesus in the Temple

  • Mark 11:15-18 (Matt. 21:12-16, Luke 19:45-47) – The temple is a place of prayer for every nation.  Jesus says that you can’t just show up and think that God won’t care how you are living.
  • John 2:13-22 –  Jesus is the fulfillment of all prophecies. He is now the place where people can be reconciled to God.   

The Temple in Acts

  • Acts 2:46-47 -The work of God is going on in the temple.
  • Acts 3:11-26, 5:19-42 -Jesus is the way to be reconciled to God
  • Acts 21:27-30 – These people thought Paul had defiled the Jewish temple because he brought in Greeks.  These people didn’t understand the message of the temple as a place of prayer for all nations.

—Robert Lee, 7-20-08, p.m.

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