“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

A  Prosperous Soul

(Please read 3 John 2)

May 6

Quite often, especially (it seems) in an election year, we hear and read a lot about prosperity, meaning monetary affluence, and we all like to hear rosy predictions on that subject. In our text, John greeted Gaius just about as we often greet one another, wishing him health and prosperity, but John added those significant words, “just as your soul prospers.”

Would you be willing for your health and your material success to be only as good as the prosperity of your soul? If so, would that mean increased wealth and better health – or just the opposite? Such questions surely should prompt some self-appraisals.

Although it is widely understood that material wealth and soul prosperity do not necessarily go together, John did wish both good health and financial prosperity on this man with the prosperous soul. But if it comes to a choice of abandoning one or the other, we’re duty-bound to see after the welfare of our souls (see Mark 8:34-38).

Looking closer at Gaius, we see in 3 John 3 that he walked in truth and that he was hospitable both to his brethren and to strangers. With those attributes, our souls can prosper too. May the Lord help us remember which prosperity is the most important and long-lasting.


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