“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

A Storm Out of Season 

(Please read Psalm  52:8)

November 9

We had an overnight storm in Denver several years ago which dumped a foot or more of snow two days before summer officially ended. Thousands of trees, still full of green leaves, caught more heavy snow than they could handle. Branches as big as a man’s thigh arched over toward the ground, with their tips buried in snow. And yesterday’s 40-footers had become 20-footers.

Sunshine worked wonders, and some of those trees soon began straightening up. Thousands of others didn’t survive, and more thousands had to be deeply pruned. Some will never regain their former beauty but will live on as lopsided reminders of a storm that occurred out of its season.

During the cleanup we found similarities between trees and people in their reactions to sudden troubles. Some trees were able, because of their erect shape, structure or strength, to stay upright; some bowed low to permit their loads to run off more quickly; and some merely stooped, but not low enough, and let their loads break them apart.

That’s about how people react to trouble. Some take it in stride and give God thanks for the strength he supplies. They are hurt, but prepared. Others, caught unprepared, humble themselves before God and ask for strength to rise again. But others, though bent under the weight of sudden trouble, are too proud or thoughtless to seek God’s help, so they break.

In our text David compared himself to a green olive tree, one of the most beautiful and productive trees – and one of the hardest to destroy. We hope that you and we can be like that too.

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