Valuing God’s Blessings

Matt. 13:44

 Sometimes you read a story about someone who comes across a treasure.   Sometimes people find coins or other things that turn out to have great value. 

Recognizing the Treasure’s Value

  • Phil. 3:1-11 – Here is a man, Paul, who at one time saw nothing in Jesus.  He thought he was doing God a favor trying to stop the spread of Christianity.  He was changed by his encounter with Jesus.  Paul found a treasure in Christ and found it a surpassing value to all else.
  • Col. 2:3 -All value for our lives is found in Jesus
  • Eph. 3:8 -Paul preached the unfathomable riches of Christ. 

Do we see the true value of Jesus Christ today?  Is your heart open today?  Are you ready for Jesus today?  Are you looking for the treasure God has for you today?  Will you be faithful and seek? 

The Joy of Discovery

  • Phil. 3:1 (4:4) -Rejoice in the Lord.  Know the joy God brings to your life because of Jesus.
  • Phil. 2:17-18 (Acts 16:25) -Don’t let your circumstances take away your joy.  Let yourself see the treasure of what God is offering.
  • Luke 10:17-24 – The 70 returned with joy because the spirits were subject to them.  Jesus said to rejoice because their names are written in heaven.  We all have reason to rejoice because of our salvation.  Jesus rejoiced in the Holy Spirit because God chooses to let the young and innocent receive God’s treasures.  God’s treasures are different than earthly treasures.

Will we rejoice in the Lord? 

Giving up the Good for the Best

  • Phil. 3:7 – Paul gave up everything from before to gain Jesus
  • Matt. 4:18 -22 – Jesus asked these men to make a decision.  They were willing to make a change and pay the price for following Jesus.
  • Mark 12:41-44 – The widow put in all she had.  She understood the treasures she found in God.  God is offering what is really of value.
  • 1 John 2:15-17 -Don’t love the world.  The world is passing away.  Why love things that can’t love you back?  Love God, he loves you more than you love yourself.

Will we put Christ above all else?

The field lies before you today will you find the treasure?

—Robert Lee, 7-13-08, a.m.

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