Matt. 15:39-17:13, Mark 8:10-9:13. Luke 9:18-36 

Here in Colorado it is easy to enjoy the mountains and have mountain top experience or an exhilarating experience.  Jesus was both human and divine.  In a climatic week, described in the scriptures, he experienced peaks and valleys. 

Jesus had a full range of human emotions.

Emotional Valleys

  • Foes and Friends Exasperate Jesus (Matt.16:3). The Pharisees and Sadducees tested him.  These two groups were enemies of one another and here they are united in asking for a sign from heaven.  Jesus is exasperated that they are looking at him and they still don’t see God’s will ( Matt. 16:7). The disciples were concerned with physical bread instead of the spiritual influence of the Pharisees and Sadducees.  Their biased notions were influencing them to not be spiritual. 

Spiritual Plateau

  • Jesus Heals a Man and Continues His Journey (Mark 8:22). Jesus healed this man and then said don’t tell anyone. The miracle was in the person of Jesus not the method. 

Spiritual Mountaintop

  • The Great Confession (Mark 8:27-30). Jesus was trying to spend more one on one time with the disciples to make sure they understood him and their mission. Jesus was elated that Peter recognized Jesus as the messiah. The church is built on the truth that Jesus is the messiah. When Jesus mentioned the idea of the church it was a new thought that Jesus was here to build a spiritual kingdom. Peter was given the keys, meaning he was the first to preach the gospel to both the Jews and the Gentiles. 

Emotional Valley

  • Jesus Foretells his Own Death (Matt.16:22).  Peter rebuked Jesus for saying he would die. Jesus rebuked Peter for becoming a tool of the devil by saying don’t die. Jesus talked to them again. 

Spiritual Mountain Top

  • Jesus Is Transfigured (Matt. 17). Jesus took Peter, James and John up a high mountain. Jesus was displayed as God incarnate. He was displayed as light and truth. This experience put God’s stamp of approval on him.

When we have our peaks and valleys, remember that Jesus ”has been there.” 

—Travis Allen, 8-26-07, a.m.

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