Rev. 12:1-17

· Satan’s Threat (vs. 1-4)
The woman is with child. There is anticipation ad joy with the birth if a child. A beast is waiting to destroy the child.

The dragon is terrible, powerful, and cruel and represents Satan. The woman represents the true people of God.

Luke 2:34-35
Simion the prophet predicted the violence in Jesus’ future and the pain associated with that for Mary, the mother of the baby.

Matt. 2:16-18
This tells of the death of male children of 2 years or younger. This shows Satan is totally evil and is working to snare our souls.

1Peter 5:8-11
Satan has designs on all of our souls.

· God’s Plan (vs. 5-6)
God stepped in to save the mother and baby.

Genesis 3:15
God planned to give us hope by bruising the head of Satan.

Galatians 4:1-5
God gave his son so that we can be free. God does everything subtlety – the plan was to send a baby to defeat the dragon?
God can be working through everyday circumstances.

· Satan’s Defeat (vs. 7-10)
God’s angels are strong enough to defeat Satan.

Luke 10:17-20
These people were defeating Satan in their work.

John 12:27-33
We need to live with a conviction that Satan was defeated by Jesus’ death ad resurrection.

· “Our” Victory (vs. 11-17)
We are in the midst of a conflict between good and evil.

Isa. 40:28-31
God makes sure that a remnant of his people remains.

1John 4:1-6
The Spirit that confesses God is from Him. Satan gives false teachings in the world in an effort to persuade people to do evil deeds.

Rev. 15:2-4
Those who are victorious over evil will celebrate with God.

Rev. 20:7-10
Eventually, evil will be totally defeated and cast out.

Robert Lee, 12-19-04, p.m.

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