This year we are studying the eternal story of Jesus. 

Jesus is God

  • Isaiah 9:6 -A child will be born who is God on earth
  • Matt. 1:23 -In Jesus God is with us
  • John 1:1-2 -The Word was with God and was God.
  • Phil.2:5-6 – Jesus was willing to come to this world
  • Col. 2:9 – Jesus was the fullness of deity.
  • Heb.1:1-14 – Jesus sceptor shows him as an eternal ruler
  • Rev. 22:13 – Jesus is the first and last

The story is an eternal story because of he is God.  Jesus is God in the flesh.

The Authorityto Forgive Sins

  • Matt. 9:2-8, Mark 2:3-12, Luke 5:18-26 -Jesus first words were “Your sins are forgiven.” Only God has the ability to forgive sins.  Jesus healed the man physically to show his authority.  We must see Jesus in his fullness to see all his blessings.
  • John  8:24 – Jesus said “I AM”  Jesus said I can forgive your sins because I am God.  Sin can be erased by Jesus’ blood and be replaced by his righteousness.

The Blessings From Forgiveness

  • Eph. 1:5-13 – Jesus supplies a better life.  We can change our lives from one of stress and anxiety to one of peace, love, joy and contentment. 

—Robert Lee, 1-18-09, a.m.

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