Matt. 18:21-35

In this day, the tradition was that if you forgave someone 3 times, you didn’t need to forgive them again.  Peter thought by saying forgiving them 7 times would be very generous.  Jesus point is if you have to count you have missed the point.

In Jesus time he used an example of a man being handed over to be tortured until he would pay his entire debt. Matthew 18:21-35   What had this man done that he should be tortured?  He failed to forgive.

Reasons for failing to forgive

Why he failed

  • He was not trying to please his master.  Matt. 18:34

Rom. 12:1 – How can my life please God?  Our lives are the sacrifice that will please God.  Eph. 5:10  Learn what pleases God in order to honor him.  Be an obedient loving child.

  • He did not think there would be any consequences for his unloving actions  

The master made the rules and expected those to be followed.  When we don’t do God’s will, we often suffer physical as well as spiritual consequences.  Matt. 18:34

Matt. 25:41-46  There is punishment for those who develop God’s attributes.

Rom. 2:3-  God is the judge.  God will judge so we must work to be like God.  Rom. 14:10 We will all stand before God.  We prepare by giving our lives to God and growing to be the spiritual people he wants us to be.

Matt. 18:21-35 compared to Matt. 22:34-40

Love God and love your neighbor sums up God’s law. 

In the parable, the debtor was given everything when the debt was forgiven.  He was somehow left unloving.  We must not be like that, we must love God and see what God has done for each of us and pass that love on to others..

—Robert Lee, 4-23-06, p.m. 

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