Satan still has a lot of influence in our world today.  Today torture is one of the tools that Satan influences men to use against man even today.

In Jesus time he used an example of a man being handed over to be tortured until he would pay his entire debt. Matthew 18:21-35   What had this man done that he should be tortured?  He failed to forgive.

Reasons for failing to forgive

  • He didn’t treat another as he wanted to be treated himselfMatt. 18:26  compared to verse29

Matt. 7:12 Do what you would want done if it was you.  Ask, what would I want done?

  • He failed to feel compassion

Compassion allows people to commit incredible acts of grace.  Compassion comes from the heart.  We must have compassionate hearts if we are going to serve God.  Matt. 18:27 compared to 28-30

Luke 10:33- the Good Samaritan

Isaiah 5:1-7 God worked with the Israelites as a nation to grow in them the attitudes he wants.

Matt. 13:1-9, 18-23 – God works with individuals to develop the characteristics we need.  Pray for God to cultivate the attitudes we need to have.

  • He failed to see his own faults

Matt. 18:28-30 compared verse 31  Sometimes it is really difficult to see our own actions.  We can do so many things we don’t know we do.  When we are caught up in the emotion of the moment we sometimes say and do things we don’t see or hear.  The word is a mirror for our actions.  James 1:22-25 Look into the Spiritual mirror. 

  • He failed to recognize that others cared about the slave who was mistreated.  Matt. 18:31 

We need to pray that God will help us to make the correct decisions regarding vengeance.  Rom. 12:18-19 1, Timothy 2:1-2 We should always pray for ourselves, but we should always pray for other’s problems. 

  • He failed to change and become like the master.  Matt. 18:33

Matt. 5:43-48   We need to ask God to help us become more like him.  Eph. 5:1   Ask him that we can be perfectly loving, compassionate, and kind like him.  Study, pray and work to learn to be like God. 

—Robert Lee, 4-23-06, a.m.

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