“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

Are You Ready?

(Please read Matthew 25:1-13)

May 27

This parable of the wise and foolish virgins presents the tragic story of the ready and the unready. It applies to present-day Christians. The kingdom of heaven is the church. The bride is not mentioned and does not represent the church in this parable. Christians, members of the church, are appropriately represented in the analogy by a company of precious bridesmaids. The great shock is to realize that even some of these will be excluded from association with the bridegroom, who is Christ.

The parable seems designed to shock the Lord’s servants into the realization that a host of good, clean, respectable church members can be lost. Through sheer negligence, many of the redeemed will fail to enter into the presence of the Lord. The foolish virgins are his own example of saved persons who at last fail to enter everlasting life.

Sure, the parable warns against idleness and neglect, but it should not discourage us. Those foolish virgins did not provide spare oil, but they could have done so. What was required of them was nothing extraordinary or especially difficult, but it did demand concern and attention which they failed to give. So here is a warning, from the Lord himself: There must be oil in our lamps!

Now please read the parable again, and ask the Lord to help you remember to be prepared always to meet him, the Bridegroom.


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