Aurora Interfaith Community Services

Churches have always faced some problems in responding to calls for help with such things as rent, groceries, and travel expenses. Many times such requests are based on falsehoods and should be denied, but it is often hard to separate the worthy requests from the unworthy. And it takes experience in such matters to know just what form the help should take in a given case. In view of these problems, several churches in Aurora agreed a number of years ago to start an independent agency which would bring a professional touch to handling requests for benevolence. Known for years as Interchurch Task Force, the agency received its present name in 2017. While we handle most of the requests we receive for financial help, we have referred people to AICS in various situations. Our help to AICS is mostly in the form of food contributed to our food-collection boxes on an ongoing basis, plus donations of clothing and a few other items that members bring to the church building for disbursement. The AICS website is www.aurorainterfaithcommunityservices. Its mailing address is 1553 Clinton, Aurora, CO 80010.

AM Worship - Sundays 10:00 am
PM Worship - Sundays 2:00 pm
Bible Study - Wednesdays 7:00 pm
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