Fear can lead to disobedience
Numbers 14:9. The people were afraid and didn’t trust the Lord and do what they were told. They paid the consequences.
1 Sam. 15:24.

Fear can be a convenient excuse for our failure.
Matt. 25:14-30. The servants were given talents by the master. One was afraid and did nothing. We want to use our opportunities and not give excuses.
John 12:42-43. We should not lose the view of what God has done for us. We should not allow our fears to hold us back.
Romans 13:3-4. There is a time when we should use fear to motivate us to change.

Our fears affect others.
Deut. 20:8. We need to realize fear can spread.
Josh. 14:8. The spies caused everyone to melt.
Judg. 7:2-3. Two-thirds of the army went home. We want to be a positive influence in our homes and the Church.

God says not to fear
Gen. 15:1. God gives comfort to the fearful and will take care of those who call on Him.
Matt. 10:26-31. Jesus says God knows us and we should not be afraid.
Luke 12:32. Despite our weaknesses Jesus says we should not be afraid.

We must trust God
Psa. 23:4. We should trust God because of our faith.
Psa. 27:1-3. We should rely on God and have confidence.
Psa. 34:4. We should rely on the Word to hear our others have been delivered.
Psa. 56:3-4. God is stronger than anything or anyone. Fear is a reminder to pray.
Prov. 3:24-26. You can rest easy when you have God on your side.
Psa. 112:1,7-8. The person who respects God and relies on God doesn’t have to fear evil.

—Robert Lee, 3-28-04, p.m.

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