“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

Battered Reed or Smoldering Wick

(Please read Matthew 12:10-21)

May 12

Jesus did not seek popularity or publicity. He did not push himself on anyone, but the throngs he attracted were drawn by him, often because news of his miracles and his message was passed by word of mouth among the people. And one of his endearing characteristics was the gentleness with which he treated people who came to him in need of help.

The smoldering wick in our text meant that the oil in a lamp was getting low and the flame could no longer burn brightly. Thus Jesus used both the smoldering wick and the battered reed as symbols of weakness and helplessness, bringing to mind the many sick, blind and suffering people he healed during his ministry.

Who are some of the “battered reeds” and “smoldering wicks” in our world? Are there some who hurt deeply because of family problems and the agony of broken homes? Are there beaten wives and children who have fallen under the control of inhumane monsters? Do some hurt because their waywardness has landed them in prison? Are there some devastated by a drug habit who would like a compassionate hand to help them out of the hurt of it?

If you answered yes to the preceding questions, you know the world needs desperately to know of Jesus and to experience his love. Please resolve today to try, in Jesus’ name, to make life better for the next “smoldering wick” you meet. You and the needy person will both be blessed.

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