What’s a place you’d like to see – the Grand Canyon, the Great Barrier Reef, Switzerland, or Egypt? Do you want to see God as much as this place? What are you willing to do?

Desiring to see God

  • Ex. 33:18-23 – God allowed Moses to see the glory of God even though he couldn’t come face to face with God.
  • John 14:7-10 – When you have seen Jesus you’ve seen God. These people got what Moses never had.
  • Rev. 22:3-4 -This is the promise to all people who believe – You will see God face to face. We will have his name written on our foreheads.

Today we can see God through people at work doing his business.

A Need for Holiness

  • Psalm 11:7(17:15) – The righteous can see God
  • Isaiah 33:15-17 – The upright shall see God
  • Matt. 5:8 -The pure of heart shall see God
  • Heb. 12:4-14- God deals with those who have faith. God corrects us so that we can share his holiness. Go after holiness in your life so that you can see God.

Do you want to have a life full of purity or a life full of pollution? Just as we choose pure water to drink physically we need to choose holiness in our Spiritual lives.

Pursuing Holiness

  • 1 Peter 1:13-16 – Be holy in all your behavior like God.
  • 1 John 3:2-3 -We are children of God and we must purify ourselves because he is pure.
  • 1 Thess. 4:7 – God has called us to be set apart to be like him.

To keep our cars clean we wash the car and we keep from driving in dirty places. If we are serious about Spiritual purity, we are washed by God and we avoid sinful situations. We are going to sin, so we need God’s grace. To be pure we need both God’s grace and avoiding sin.

  • 1 Cor. 9:24-27 -Paul was disciplined so he could be saved. He was working at his purity.

–Robert Lee, 2-28-10, a.m.

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