“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

Bible Illiteracy — a Family Disease?

(Please read 2 Timothy 3:14-17)

July 16

A former First Lady established a Foundation for Family Literacy, stating that she hoped to help break the illiteracy cycle that runs in some families for generations.

Focusing on the family as the primary place to fight illiteracy appears to be a sensible approach. It is in the home that a child first learns about books and the written word. And from those first important teachers, the parents, a child may develop a lifelong love for books or a complete indifference to them. There is no better place to start a good education than in the home.

The ability to read and write is a good start but is not the only distinguishing feature of literacy. It’s possible to read well and still be illiterate in the sense of being ignorant and unlearned. In that sense, all of us probably are illiterate in some areas of knowledge.

But when it comes to knowledge of The Book, we cannot afford to be illiterate. We need to know our way around in the Bible, to be familiar with its contents. If we really believe the Bible contains words which save the soul, then the Bible should be very important to us.

Biblical literacy flowers best if the seeds are planted and carefully cultivated in the home. Christian parents can help their children learn to enjoy reading the Bible by reading it to them and with them, discussing it with interest and excitement, and letting talk of biblical matters be a natural, everyday part of home life. Anything less will indicate that Bible illiteracy really is a family disease, and it’s contagious.


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