Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit

God promises all through the Bible the coming of the Spirit.
In Matt., Mark and Luke there aren’t many passages about the Holy Spirit. Matt. 12 tells about Jesus healing on the Sabbath. He is criticized by the leaders and they accuse him of working by the power of the devil. Jesus says how can good come from the devil? Jesus says that he is working by God’s Spirit. He goes on to say that we can’t be forgiven for blaspheming the Holy Spirit.  Some say that the sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit was a specific sin of that time and place.

Willful and Unwillful Sins

  • God is looking at what is behind the sin’s we commit.
    Numbers 15:22-31 – In the old law there are specific rules for those who sin unintentionally. People who sin intentionally bear the weight of those sins.
  • Psalm 19:12-13 – We can get a hardened attitude and sin willfully.
  • Ezekiel 3:19 – We can change our attitudes
  • 1 Tim.1:13 – Saul acted ignorantly
  • Heb. 10:26-31 – We can go on sinning willfully. We can insult the Spirit of Grace.
    We can be forgiven of rejecting Jesus. The people on the day of Pentecost were given the direction to repent and be baptized.

A Hardened Heart

  • Isaiah 5: 20- Human Beings can twist their thinking to think that good is evil and evil is good
  • Matt. 6:22-23 – Jesus says that our eyes are the lamp of the body. Our minds and the hearts are the lamp of our actions. If we can’t distinguish good from evil we can make bad choices.  We need the Holy Spirit to help us see the light.
  • Heb. 5:13 – As we live in sin we can get our values mixed up.
  • Heb.6:4-8 – Don’t purposely choose to go against God.
  •  1 John 5:16-17 – God loves us and has given his son for us. There is an attitude of the heart that will cause someone to die.

–Robert Lee, 2-26-12 p.m.

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