“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”
Psalm 5:3

Blue Skies and Rainbows

March 1

Blue skies and rainbows and sunbeams from heaven
Are what I can see when my Lord is living in me.

Jesus is well and alive today.
He makes His home in my heart.
Never more will I be all alone since He
Promised me that we never would part.

These are such beautiful words to begin each day. Years ago, I loved to hear the small children in bible class sing it loud and strong. The words are so innocent and real. Now I love to hear the whole congregation sing it. No matter what is going on in our physical lives, if we let God’s word override and govern our thoughts about every aspect of our lives we can see and feel the blue skies, rainbows and sunbeams even when the winds are howling.

–A Christian

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