“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

Changing for the Better

(Please read Romans 7:18-8:2)

April 13

Conscience, although indispensable and at its best not a cause for worry, is often one of the most appalling scourges of humankind. Regardless of how good we try to be, most of us probably are faced sometimes with an accusing conscience which is saying, regarding some phase of life, “You ought to be better than you are.”

But another voice is saying just as clearly, “you need not stay in that condition.” Paul’s experience as set forth in our text shows that his religion met his human needs with the message, “All right, you are not what you ought to be, but you don’t have to remain what you are.”

Jesus found many unpromising people who were getting nowhere in their lives, and left them changed so as to be hardly recognizable. The woman of Samaria, an adulteress, left his presence to tell others of him, causing many to believe in him (John 4). Peter, Andrew, James and John were simple fishermen but left their nets for a higher calling as “fishers of men” (Matthew 4).

The gospel of Christ first endeavors get people to see themselves as they really are, then cause them to want to become better — as children of God, free from sin and suited for living with God. And the process of maturing in Christian service causes continual change for the better.

God is so good in giving us this golden opportunity! Be sure to tell others of your joy in serving him.

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