s this year starts to come to a close, is there anything you should be doing to live better for Jesus?  Recently, an advertisement arrived that said, Change for the better and had these three cards enclosed: Change Your Mind

Change The Rules

Change Your Style

Here are some ideas about how we apply these ideas to living for Jesus.

  • Change Your Mind

Matt. 4:17

Romans 12:2

Eph. 4:23


We will be changed by thinking about God and his plans for us.  When we go from rarely thinking about God to realizing and thinking about that God is a loving God, we are changed.  We need to put away the things of the world and think abut God. Changing your mind in this sense is not the spur of moment action. This takes real effort and God’s help.  We need to find all that is worldly and unlovely and replace them.  We can then find peace in our lives.

  • Change The Rules

Matt. 4:8-10

With God, he wants us to give up making our own rules and follow him. We should worship and serve God because this is what we were made for.

Rom. 7:14-8:2

We don’t have a choice to live without rules we are either living under the rules of the world, Satan, and/or our own fleshly rules.  

Eph. 5:8

 We can accept God’s rules to find what is good and right.  God’s rules are for our good.

  • Change Our Style

Gal. 3:27-28

We are all one in Christ Jesus.  We think of our physical style we think of our clothing, As Christians, we are Christ’s style.  Baptism is dressing our self with Jesus.

2 Cor. 3:18

As Christians, Jesus’ style becomes more and more our own style. 

Eph. 2:10

We are God’s workmanship.  The Greek word for workmanship is the root word for our English word poem.  We are God’s poem.

God can reach us, no matter what our circumstances.  We can change no matter what our physical circumstances and begin to live for Jesus. 

—Robert Lee, 10-9-05, a.m.

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