Recognizing Jesus as Lord 

Jesus is a king who is designated by God.

References to Christ as King

  • Matt. 2:1-18 -Foreigners from the Gentile world recognized Jesus as a king.  The Jewish king didn’t want to recognize Jesus as king.
  • Matt. 12:22-30 – People are asking -Could this be a king?  Jesus says he is part of the kingdom of God. 
  • Matt. 21:1-11- Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey.  This fulfills prophecy of the king coming to Jerusalem.
  • Matt. 25:31-46 -Jesus the king acts as a judge to separate the sheep and goats.
  • Matt. 26:29 – Jesus will commune with those in his Father’s kingdom.  Even as king, Jesus is willing to be humble before God.
  • Matt.  27:11, 29, 37, 42-43 – Pilot asks if Jesus is the king?       Jesus says yes.  The soldiers mocked Jesus.  The sign on the cross said “King of the Jews”.

There were those who rejected Jesus as King.

Warnings about the Kingdom

  • Matt. 18:1-4 – Humble yourself like a child to be great in the kingdom.
  • Matt. 19:23-26- Depend on God for what you need.   God gives us everything.
  • Matt. 21:28-32 – Recognize your need for God.
  • Matt. 21:33-46 – Produce fruit for God.
  • Matt. 18:21-35 -Be merciful.

Matt. 24:14 -The gospel will be preached to all nations.  Will you open the door for all people to enter?

—Robert Lee, 4-6-08, p.m.


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