A Study of the Book of Colossians


Sometimes we can fail to focus on the most important thing.   This can cause humor or real catastrophe in our day to day lives.  In our spiritual lives, what is the center of the gospel message?  Jesus Christ must be at the center.  When we move from the message of Christ to focusing on ourselves, the Church – the people, we lose the power of Christ.  The church rests on Christ. 

Who is Christ and what has he accomplished?

  • Col. 1:13-20, Col. 2:9-15 -He was in the beginning. God’s son, the image of God, the firstborn, All things were created for him, Head of the Church, the firstborn from the dead, He will have first place, he is head of all authority, All things hold together thru him, redeems, provides redemption for all
  • Col. 1:8 Jesus is the bridge to God  sends us the Holy Spirit

What are the benefits of a close relationship with Christ?

  • Col. 1:3-5, 13-14, 22 , Col. 2:3,3:4 -We have Faith, we are rescued, redeemed, forgiven, reconciled, we have wisdom

Because of Jesus we no longer need to be spiritually longing for God.  Keeping Jesus in the center will make us full of God.

What do I do to have a relationship with Christ?

  • Col. 2:12 -baptism
  • Col. 3:1-2 -set your mind on the things above
  • Col. 3:5-4:6 -live as God instructs.  Do all in the name of Jesus.

–Robert Lee, 9-6-09, p.m.

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