Col. 1:24-29 

Do we recognize the power of God in us?

The Assurance

  • Col. 1:24-29- Jesus is our hope and because he lives in us.
  • John 14:16-24 – The Holy Spirit of God lives in us.  We are not orphans or alone in this world.  We are loved by God.   We can share in this by our commitment to God and our willingness to follow his commandments. 

It is greater to have Jesus in us than all physical things. 

Future Hope

  • John 17:22 -26 – Jesus is within us spiritually and we have the Love of God.   We experience eternal hope
  • Romans 8:16 -25 we have been saved and eagerly wait for the eternal life we have with God. 

God gave us Jesus to give us the victory over all bad things that happen in this world.  We have the opportunity today to have Christ in us because of his sacrifice on our behalf.  Dedicate your life to him through faith and baptism. 

—Robert Lee, 2-15-09, a.m.

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