When Baxter Loe, of Amarillo, was editor of Gospel Tidings and reporting the establishment of new missionary efforts in India and Africa, he became aware of the terrible living conditions in many places where the gospel was beginning to be preached. His feelings for the poor in those areas led him to found Christian Relief Fund in 1971 and devote his full time for about 30 years to raising money for building and operating schools and children’s homes in India and Latin America, and providing disaster relief in many parts of the world.

Always scrupulously honest in handling funds, CRF has gained a good reputation throughout the country. Through our regular contributions to CRF we have been “sponsor” for several needy children in Latin America. We are grateful for the opportunity to help in this way.

CRF has a website providing information about the locations and nature of its humane activities: www.christianrelieffund.org.

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