Matt. 10:32-33

We never know when we might be able to testify about Jesus. Recently, one of our Christian brothers, Colt McCoy, quarterback for the University of Texas, gave a tremendous testimony saying God is in control and that his life s built on the rock. Let us be ready.

Pressure from Unbelievers

  • John 7:13 -Some say he is good man. No one was speaking publicly for fear of the Jews.
  • John 9:20-23 – The parents of the blind man were afraid of being cast out of the synagogue.
  • John 12:42-43 – The people were kept quiet about Jesus because the leaders were putting people’s approval before God’s approval.
  • 1 Peter 4:15-16- If you suffer because of Jesus you will be blessed.

Good and Bad Shame

  • Romans 6:21 – There are things that are bad in our lives that should cause shame. We can repent ad relieve our shame.
  • Mark 8:34-38 (Luke 9:23-26) – Jesus says we hurt ourselves when we are ashamed of the name of Jesus and his ways. Have faith that God will help you to speak up.
  • Matt. 10:32-33 – We have a choice to confess or deny Jesus. Silence is denial. Faith lets us speak. Jesus talks to God about us the way we talk to others about him.

Paul’s Example

  • Romans 1:16-17 – Paul says he wasn’t ashamed of the gospel. He took every chance to speak about the gospel. Paul says he couldn’t do it on his own he needed the saving power of the gospel.
  • 2 Tim. 1:8-14 -Join with me in suffering for the gospel. We may suffer negative consequences for our confession.

God Not Ashamed of Us

  • Heb. 2:11-13, 17 – Jesus is not ashamed of us. He became like us.
  • Heb. 11:16 – God loved us and has prepared a place for us.

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