Matt. 13:44-46 

Do you want to be here this morning?  The answer goes to what is in our hearts. 

Paul’s Desire to be Right with God

  • Romans 7:14-25-Paul wants to practice, to use his will for God, to do good, to concur with God, to serve God. 

Paul’s Response to Christ

  • Acts 9:18-19- He immediately does God’s will
  • Phil. 3:4 – Paul recognized how much more valuable his relationship with Christ is than all the other things he had done for God.
  • Eph. 3:8-9 – He saw the grace that God had given him to be able to share with other’s the joy of Christ. 

Jesus’ Teachings

  • Matt. 5:6 -Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness – long to be spiritually right with God.  Grasp the satisfaction of being right with God.
  • Matt. 6:19-24 -Where your treasure is there your heart is.  Value the things that God values.  Work for the spiritual things you want and focus on God.
  • Matt. 7:7-11 -Continuously ask for the spiritual things that only God can provide. 
  • Matt. 13:44-46 -These people knew the value of what they found.  View serving God as a joy.  Ask God to show you the wonderful rewards of serving God.  Our spirits yearn to serve God and when we line up with his ways we are satisfied to serve him.
  • Matt. 11:16-19 – Jesus describes us as children who are never satisfied.  In the same way, God has provided prophets and teachers coming from all walks of life. We need to realize that God has provided all we need and we need to desire what God has sent us.  If you are always complaining, maybe you have a heart problem a problem with what you desire
  • Matt. 22:35-38 – Love God totally.    Give God your heart.
  • Matt. 26:39 -Jesus had always wanted what God wanted.  When it came to the cross his human side struggled.  Jesus asked God for help.  We need to pray and ask for God to help you to desire his ways. 

How much do we desire God and his kingdom? 

–Robert Lee, 10-14-07,a.m.

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