Our Motivation for Sharing

Luke 9:33 

The Compassion of God

  • Genesis 19:16 – Angels were sent to rescue Lot and his family because God was compassionate.
  • Deut. 32:36 – The Lord will help his people when they can’t go on.
  • Psalm 40:11 – We need to have faith that God is compassionate.
  • Psalm 72:12-14 -God will deliver the needy when they need it.  God’s timing is not our timing. (Psalm 103:12-14)
  • Isaiah 30:18-19 – God longs to bless you and he is waiting to have compassion.
  • James 5:11 – The Lord is full of compassion.  True compassion comes from deep within.
  • Matt. 9:13(12:7) -Jesus was spending time with sinners.  Jesus shows compassion on those who need him the most.
  • Matt. 9:36 – Jesus cares for those who are in need.  Jesus is practical in helping for these people he was moved by compassion. (Matt. 15:32, 20:34)

Put on a Heart of Compassion

  • Col. 3:12 – Have deep inner feelings for others.  Grow and be like God.
  • Luke 10:33 -The Good Samaritan helped when he saw the need because he felt compassion.
  • Luke 16:19-22 – The rich man did not respond to the needs of Lazarus.  His heart was not compassionate for Lazarus’ situation.
  • 1 John 3:16-18 – God sent his son because of Love.  How can we not respond to those in need when Jesus came for us?

—Robert Lee, 12-14-08, p.m.

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