The speaker started out with an illustration of two coins, a penny and a quarter.  Each of these is designed for its own purpose and is used to purchase things of different amounts.  God is calling on us as Christians to be different on a spiritual level from other people. 

  • Willing to be different

2 Cor. 6:14-7:1

We need to be separate and live our lives for God.  Make yourself clean from sin so you can be different from the world.    When the world is looking at a Christian’s life style, they should be able see a different focus than they do when looking at people’s lives in the world. 

Phil. 2:12-16

We need to heed the call of the scripture to be different.  We are the lights of the world for good.   We need to be living to a higher standard to show the way.  We each must identify ways that we can live to a higher standard in our own lives.

  • Striving for God’s Standards

Acts 2:41-47

On the day of Pentecost the people began to truly change their life focus.  Those that received the word were baptized.  They did something about their belief they made a commitment.

Once our Christian life seems easy, we to try harder. We need to help people as the needs arise.  Fellowship with one another lets us know how to help and how to grow.

  • Relying on God’s Strength

1Tim. 1:12-17

We need to turn to God for help because the needs around s are so great. God can make us different and He can help us be more than we are alone. 

1Peter 1:2,5

The Spirit works in our lives today.      We need the strength of God to live the Christian life.

1Peter 1:13-17

Let us commit ourselves to live for God.  Heb. 5:14

1Peter 1:22, 2:1

We need to show that as a Church we love one another.

1Peter 2:9-12

Keep you behavior on a high plane so that God will be praised. 

—Robert Lee, 2-27-05, a.m.

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