Romans 14:13-15:3

We are the builders of God’ s church. Part of our reason is to build each other up in the faith. Just as when we inherit beautifully crafted furniture we would not want t sawed in half we don’t want to see the church ripped apart.

· Loving one Another (vs. 14:13-21)
Paul is calling on the people to have the kinds of attitudes that allow focus on faith. We want to keep from making judgments about one another’s motivations for actions. Humility and humbleness will help us with approaching one another.
1 Peter 1:22. Love one another from the heart is a commandment.
1 John 4:11,21. Love for our Christian family is not optional. We must know the people we are dealing with so we can build them up.

· Protecting Our Conscience (14:22-23)
We must listen to the voice within us from God.
Romans 2:14-15. The conscience will speak out on the judgment day.
1Timothy 3:8-9. Deacons must be holding to the faith with a clear conscience.
1Timothy 1:5,18-19. You can’t love without working on your faith and having a clear conscience. We must respect one another’s’ conscience.

· Building Up Others (vs. 15:1-3)
Romans 14:19;1 Cor. 8:1. We need to work to help people construct a spiritual life.
1 Cor. 10:23. We can’t force our ideas on someone else.
1 Cor. 14:3-4,17. We need to make sure our behaviors impact others for their good.
1 Thess. 5:11-15. Encourage others and appreciate others and look for what is good.

—Robert Lee, 12-05-04, p.m

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