Romans 14:1-12

There is a controversy about a Christmas parade held in downtown Denver. The sponsors denied a Church the right to enter a float because it was to have a religious theme. This brings the thoughts about how should a religious person deal with disagreements.

· Strength from the Lord (vs. 1-4)
We must be careful in how we view each other when we have a disagreement. We must also be careful how disagreements are handled in the church. In this illustration, Paul said that the disagreement isn’t the central problem, it is the attitudes we have toward each other. We belong to the Lord and he will correct us. We don’t have to carry the burden of being the watchdog over our Christian brothers and sisters.
Matt. 7:24-27. When we turn ourselves over to God, we are sustained by His foundation. God gives us strength.

· Living for the Lord (vs. 5-9)
Paul refers to disagreements about celebrating certain days. These verses talk about following your own conscience regarding celebrations and how to please God. We should express our ideas and have discussions when we disagree. We should ask ourselves are we doing what we do for God?

2 Cor. 5:14-15. We are living for the Lord, who sacrificed all for us. Are we seeking to serve Him?

· Accountable to God (vs. 10-12)
Rom. 2:1-6. God will judge us regarding how we have lived for Him. God does not need our help in judging each other. Our task is to love each other, help each other, and build up one another God will give us the strength.

—Robert Lee, 12-05-04, a.m

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