“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

Do — or Die

(Please read Psalm 92:12-15)

January 17

“Do or die.” That old expression usually refers to a last-ditch effort to accomplish a difficult task or win an athletic contest. Now it can well be applied to the prospects of many retirees in this country — meaning find something worthwhile to occupy your time so you can live longer and enjoy life more.

Retirement often turns out to be a strange world of too much leisure, too little mental and physical exercise and an almost total lack of purpose. Various studies seem to confirm that people live longer and stay healthier if they have work to do.

Fortunately for Christian retirees, there is a lot of meaningful work that many of them can do, if only the people and the work can be brought together. The wide variety of talents and expertise in this low-cost labor pool might surprise us. And it promises to be an ever-replenishing pool.

This is one coin that comes up heads on both sides. A church can put retirees to work at very little expense but possibly with great results. At the same time, retirees can partake of the sheer joy of being needed as they do regular, productive work of a kind many never had time for before.

Despite the popular dream of being able to retire and devote oneself entirely to recreation and idleness, the Lord doesn’t put us out to pasture and exempt us from further service to him and our fellow man just because we reach some magic age. May the Lord bless us — old, young or in between — as we seek to bring others to him. ‘

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