“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

“Don’t Get Involved”

(Please read Luke 10:25-37)

September 11

It’s easy for peace-loving people to get in the habit of avoiding much involvement in the fusses and fights of others. We learn this in elementary school and leave it to teachers and other authority figures to straighten things out.

But it sometimes seems that we learned, or assumed, something else along the way which doesn’t help us in our service to the Lord – that is, a strong hesitation to get involved in other people’s troubles even when those troubles are not of their own making and can be eased by a little help from others.

Compassion still makes the difference between those who give and those who do not choose to be involved. Indeed, this Christ-like emotion is absolutely essential for one who hopes to please the Lord. James makes it clear that pure religion consists largely of giving to meet the needs of others (see James 1:27).

It is possible, though, for “religious” people to be rather diligent in holding to the form of religion while avoiding involvement in the substance of it. Whether this standoffish attitude is prompted by stinginess or by genuine skepticism as to the validity of practically every appeal for help, it is nevertheless apparent that compassion plays little if any part in a life of continual noninvolvement.

Jesus asks for our involvement in giving – giving of our money, yes, but giving also of our time, talent and abilities. In short, he wants us to give ourselves as the Macedonians did (2 Corinthians 8:1-5). Now that is involvement! We hope you will be deeply involved in good works this very day.

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