Understanding the Primacy of God’s Role in Our Salvation

Acts 16:25 -Wouldn’t it be great to know the hearts and minds of Paul and Silas as they went through this event?

Eph. 1:1-3:21

  • What commandments are found?

2:10 – Do God’s will.  The only direct command 2:11-12 -Remember what God has done in bringing you in relationship with him.

  • What’s the focus of this teaching?

The working of God in our lives

Eph. 1:3 -Blessings in Christ

Chosen by God, Adopted, Grace,

Redeemed, Knowing mysteries,

Unification in Christ, Hope, Sealed with the Holy Spirit, Filled with God

  • Romans 4:16-21 -Encourage one another in the faith
  • John 15:4-5 – Have a powerful connection with Jesus and you will be able to do things you could not do otherwise
  • 2 Tim. 3:5 – God’s power is available to help us

—Robert Lee, 2-3-08, p.m.

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