As humans, we sometimes aren’t always able to communicate well to others.    Sometimes our meaning is misunderstood.  It is always good to explore ideas.

  • Defining Encouragement

The word encourage comes from a Latin word “cour” which means heart.  In this case it is the spiritual heart.  The prefix “en” means to increase and the suffix “age” means belongs to.  So, we are talking about Building up our spiritual heart.

Matt. 15:1-20

Words and actions that come out of the man come out of the heart.  Humans tend to become hung up on the physical and not on the spiritual.

John 14:1

A troubled heart can’t serve God fully.

Grief, joy, desires, affections, perceptions, thoughts, understanding, reasoning, imaginations, conscience, intentions, purpose, will, and faith all come from the heart.  If we don’t have a strong spiritual heart, look at how many parts of our lives will not be functioning well.

Greek Words

Protrepo = Encouragement

Acts 18:27

Paramutheomai = Encouragement

Parakaleo = Encouragement

1 Thess. 2:9-12

Encouragement = Urge  This is the idea of giving a verbal push in the right direction.

Encouragement = Comfort/Console  This is the idea of taking away some of the other person’s pain.

1 Thess. 5:14

Working with one another is what encouragement is about.  Real encouragement is being able to do both exhorting and comforting.  Also, we need to be sensitive to what each individual needs at the time – exhortation or comfort.

1 Thess. 5:11 

—Robert Lee, 1-8-06, a.m.

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