These passages use the Greek word Parakaleo.

  • Encouraging the Heart

It is important to comfort our spiritual heart of the believers.  This is an important work and it takes commitment.

Eph. 6:21-22, Col. 4:7-8, Col. 2:1-2

  • Comforting the spiritual heart

Examples from scripture:

Matt. 2:18 – comfort for grief

Matt. 5:4 – people’s pain will be relieved

Luke 16:25 – suffering will be eased

Acts 20:12 – tragedy was reversed

1 Thess. 4:18 – hope brings comfort

This is a command to help one another in times of loss.  We have words of hope for people.

  • Exhorting (Imploring, Urging)

Examples from scripture:

Matt. 8:5-6 – strongly ask for what is needed

Luke 15:28 plead for unity

Acts 2:40 – strong call to action

Acts 8:31 invitation to action

We need to understand the subtleness of encouragement.  We need to rely on God to help us know the right type of encouragement to give in each situation.

Acts 14:19-23 – The work of the apostles was to encourage the Churches

Acts 15:30-32 – The apostle’s letters encouraged the Christians

Acts 16:40 – Encouraging each other is the work of the church.

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