Experiencing Freedom Through Christ

Falling into the Devil’s Trap

2 Timothy 2:20-26 – There are spiritual powers that we must deal with.  The devil seeks to overwhelm us.  It is a deplorable state to be in his snare.  Those under Satan’s snare need to be dealt with gently.  Silence is not an option.  It must be done demonstrating concern and respect for the individual. 

Romans 1:24-32 – God gave them over.  Satan does not have the power to overwhelm unless God allows it.  He allows it because of freedom of choice.  God desires what is best for us.  But if we choose to push against God, he lets us go.  Under the devil’s snare, he will take us places sometimes where we have no desire to go!  

Freedom Prophesied 

Isaiah 42:1-7 – This is wonderful news.  Father, Son and Holy Spirit are mentioned in verse one.  In Jesus’ day, so many saw this as freedom from Roman oppressors.  But this prophecy did not fail because Jesus did provide spiritual freedom. 

Isaiah 49:24-26 – These are powerful promises in powerful language. 

God’s Promise Fulfilled

Luke 11:14-26 – There is great conflict between God’s righteousness and Satan’s demons.  But Jesus is stronger than any of Satan’s powers.  Verses 24-26 show that if God comes in and powerfully cleans up our lives, but we do not put forth the effort that is our responsibility, we wind up in a much worse condition than before.

John 8:31-36 – Satan can be working in our lives and we do not even know it.  This is very frightening!  But Jesus says that we can be free by receiving the truth into our hearts.  Sin is something that we must continually deal with. 

Acts 26:16-18 – Power can be good or bad.  Unfortunately, with our consent, we can come under Satan’s power.  But through the gospel, anyone can be free!  Satan makes us feel powerless; God makes us feel powerful. 

Hebrews 2:14-18 – As high priest, Jesus opens that cell door that Satan has locked behind us. 

Biblical Warnings 

2 Peter 2:18-20 – Do not go back!  

Ephesians 4:26-27 – When we have experienced freedom from Satan, why would we want to go back?

—Robert Lee, 3-18-07, p.m. 

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