“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

Eternity in the Heart

(Please read Ecclesiastes 3:11)

April 19

God has rooted the idea of eternity in the human heart, and there is never a time in our responsible moments when we should lose sight of our relation to immortality. However, due to sinful surroundings and the weakness of the flesh, we may occasionally lose sight of that wonderful fact. So it seems appropriate to reemphasize some of the factors which have a tendency to draw us closer to God.

Remembering that the divine part of man’s nature is just a little lower than the angels, we can agree that we belong to eternity. Our real life and home are not of this world (see Philippians 3:20), for we live to prepare for something better. We have the power of choice and are responsible in the sight of God for the choices we make, many of which will affect our hope of heaven. It is God’s will that people might feel after him and find him, for he is not far from any one of us (see Acts 17:26-28).

The gospel appeals to that in us which is eternal. Like a soldier in a faraway, dangerous place who feels a sense of serenity when he receives a letter containing a vivid description of home, our lives are improved when we keep in contact, through God’s word, with our real home – heaven.

So today let’s be sure to do some Bible reading and to speak to our Father in prayer. That will surely sharpen our sense of impending eternity.

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