Encouraging others to commendable or better conduct.

· Luke 3:18. This is a calling out to change our behavior.
· Acts 13:42. Exhortation can be an encouragement to continue in the faith in spite of adversity.
· Titus 1:5. An elder is able to exhort those who are around us and be able to convict (convince) those who are around us. We should all be ready to learn this skill and also be ready to listen to instructions from others.
· 1 Thess 5:12-22. This is a warning against unruly behavior. We should be good and love what us good.
· Hebrews 3:12. We should encourage one another constantly.
· 1Thess 2:1. We are to encourage for the glory of God and to build up Christians to face the temptations of life. We are trying to help one another grow.
· Hebrews 13:18. Exhortation is worthy of being received from and shared with others. Being ready to teach others and learn from others is part of growing in Christ.
· Hebrews 10:19. Don’t forsake the assembly and the opportunity to associate with others. We need to hold fast as we see the day approaching. We need to try to build each other up and try to increase their faith. Attending the worship is a great opportunity to exhort one another. Building relationships is a great way to strengthen our faith and learn when we can encourage each other.

—Eddie Bigler, 11-28-04, a.m.

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