“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

Extending Our Reach

(Please read Matthew 28:16-20)

May 23

Does your house have a step-stool in it? They’re sure handy for tasks involving cabinets that are tall and people that are not. Maybe you also have a wooden rod that can extend the length of the handle on your paint roller.

Each of those items has a functional purpose — to extend a person’s reach. In one way or another, the need to extend our reach is probably behind most inventions. From the stilts that drywallers use for ceiling work, to tractors that multiply the acreage a man can farm, to space vehicles that place man’s knowledge far beyond its former limits, thousands of devices are designed to help us reach farther and accomplish more.

The need for extending our reach is nowhere more important than in doing “missionary work.” The number of people who need to hear the gospel is simply too great for us to reach them all in person. Missionaries need all the help that is available to be able to place the glorious gospel of Christ within the reach of souls who otherwise would never hear it.

Radio, television and the printed page are all useful in augmenting the work in foreign missions. Sometimes the results of such work cannot be known, but we should remember that the sower in Jesus’ parable did not withhold seed just because it might not grow in a particular spot.

Come to think of it, missionaries themselves serve to extend the reach of the folks back home. So each of us can “grow taller,” in effect, by contributing to their efforts. Let’s do that.


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