Mark 1:35-2:12 

The Prayer Life of Jesus

  • Mark 1:35-39 – Jesus got up early to prayer.  He planned for it.
  • Luke 5:16 – Prayer was a regular practice of Jesus.
  • Matt. 6:1-18 – Jesus had a personal and private spiritual life with God.  God will see what you do in private and bless you for it.  We need one on one time with God.  Jesus loved God and he is our example.

The Will of God

  • Mark 1:40-45 -The leper said if you are willing I can be healed.
  • Mark 14:36 (Luke 22:42) – Jesus said that all things are possible if God wills.  Faith allows us to submit to him.
  • 1 John 5:14 – We can have confidence when we ask in faith and submit to God’s will and his goodness.

The Faith of Five Men

  • Mark 2:1-5a- These men worked together to bring their friend to Jesus.  They did not give up because of the crowds around Jesus they lowered him to Jesus.  They had faith that Jesus could heal him.  We need to have the faith to not give up when we ask God for blessings.
  • Mark 11:22-24 – Jesus tells us to have faith in God.  God’s blessings are greater than we can imagine or ask.

A Greater Blessing

  • Mark 2:5b – Jesus forgave his sins.  This was a greater blessing than physical healing
  • Romans 8:26-27 -God knows our needs and hearts by the Holy Spirit.  Trust God’s will for you.
  • Matt. 6:31-33 – God knows that we need physical things.  Seek spiritual blessings first.  Our lives can be filled with light.

We can expect the best from God. 

To Accuse or Glorify

  • Mark 2:6-12 -Some were awed
  • Mark 3:6 – God must be glorified

—Robert Lee, 3-15-09, a.m.

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