Trusting God to Preserve Our Soul

Acts 16:22-34

A Despairing Jailer

 •    Acts 16:25-27 – This jailer has a job and he is serious about doing a good job. – Acts 12:19 a jailer who failed his duty could be killed.  Acts 27:42 – The guard who was guarding Paul was going to kill him.  The guard in Acts 16 assumed the prisoners had escaped and was ready to kill himself.  He assumed things were worse than they were really were.

The Greatest Question

•       Acts 16:28-30 – What should I do to be saved?

•    Luke 3:7-18 – What shall we do?

•       Acts 2:37 – What shall we do?

•       Acts 22:10 – What shall I do, Lord?

•       Acts 10:1-6cf.  11:13-14 – The answer is given

When we are in a situation we should ask God what should I do to be saved?

The Faith that Saves

•       Acts 16:31-32 – Believe in Jesus is the answer to the question

•       Romans 4:1-25 – Abraham is an example of faith.  Salvation is given by the grace of God.  We can’t make salvation happen, just as Abraham could not physically produce a child with Sarah.  The child was a gift from God.  God gives life where there is no life.  God gives us spiritual life to all of us. 

The Results of Salvation

•       Acts 16:33-34 – This man is now rejoicing

•       Isaiah 12:1-3, 61:10 – God holds us and sustains us.

•       Luke 15:32

•      Acts 2:46, 8:38

•       1Peter 1:5-7 

—Robert Lee, 8-5-07, p.m.

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