“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

“He Who Is Faithful in a Very Little Thing”

(Please read Luke 10:25-37)

December 4

Our congregation once had some girls who, at about 12 years old, were so helpful around the church building that some grownups privately referred to them as “born deacons.” If the preacher left magnetic displays attached to the whiteboard, they removed them after the service and put them in the proper place. They quietly took over the job of removing numerals from the hymn boards after each service, and did other nice things which they may have forgotten. But they certainly had a good start in learning to perform the unheralded tasks which help a group of people function well together. Without being asked or told to do such things, they simply saw opportunities and basked in the knowledge that they were helping the church.

We hope every congregation is fortunate enough to contain such people, whether young, middle-aged or old. It’s heartening to see people give up half a Saturday just to make sure the churchyard is well-groomed, or share in the weekly cleaning of the building for a month at a time, or provide a ride for an aged church member every Sunday morning.

Not all the “small” tasks have to do with the church building, of course. The mother who cares so well for her children and the father who also spends time nurturing them; the grown children who do so many things to ease the lives of their ailing, aged parents — all are quietly laying up treasure in heaven.

Surely you are somewhere in this list, or can be. May God bless all your good deeds in his name.

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