Recently one of the most well known daredevils died.  He, in the last year of his life, was baptized.  He realized that God was to be feared.

Commands to Fear God

  • Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 – Keep the commandments from the heart
  • 1 Peter 2:17 – Fear God
  • Rev. 14:6-7 –  Fear God and give him glory

Is it possible to both fear and love God?

A Call to Humility – Romans 11:1-36 

  • vs. 1-6 God has not rejected his people  – The gospel is for all people, not just Jews and not just Gentiles.  God has not rejected the Jews.  There is always a remnant who are ready to serve God.   God’s grace is the reason that the faithful remain
  • vs. 7-10 – Becoming Hardened to God – When we do things out of pride, the message will make us have a hardened heart.  People always have a choice.  God doesn’t harden anyone’s heart against their will.  God knows us better than we know ourselves.  God knows the depths of our hearts.  Being wiling to fear God makes us humble.  God will help us if we seek him
  • vs. 11-16 -God continues to offer salvation.    God knows what he looking for in people.  If we are seeking God he wants us.
  • vs. 17-24 -Do not be conceited, but fear – We choose whether or not to believe.  God allows us to join this life by his grace.  Be humble because God has allowed us to be connected to him and his majesty.  Don’t boast as if you deserve the credit.
  • vs 25-32 – All “Israel” will be saved – The true people of faith will be saved both Jews and Gentiles.  God saw us in our day and he loved us enough to set up the plan of salvation.  Everyone who has come to God has come through recognition of their own disability.
  • vs. 33-36 – The greatness of God

No Fear of Judgment

  • 1 John 4:16-18 –  When we love, we no longer fear judgment.  We act out of love for God and his plan not out of terror.

—Robert Lee, 12-2-07, p.m.

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