Rom. 12:11
Don’t let the Word get old to you. Why do we lose our zeal?

Full Sacrifice of Our Lives
Rom. 12:1-2. Present your whole self as a sacrifice to God and serve Him fully. In the Old Testament a sacrificial animal was totally killed in order to give the blood as a sacrifice. If we don’t totally give ourselves over, then we lose our excitement because we are not getting the entire benefit.
Matt. 16:24-27. Jesus is saying don’t hold back. Give your life to God. Are there areas in your life where you need to give more fully?
Phil. 2:17. Be willing to give yourself fully. This will bring joy.

True Love as Our Motivation
Rom. 12:9-10. The only real reason to fully give of yourself is genuine love for what you are doing.
Matt. 24:12-13. Many people will not stay faithful because they don’t have a strong enough love. Learn to love God.
Rev. 2:1-6
Don’t be taken away from God. Stay faithful to God and work to make your love for the work and The Word stronger

Clear Conscience
Rom. 14:5,22-23. Live you life so that you don’t hear your inner voice telling you that you have done something wrong.
Rom. 2:14-16. On the Day of Judgment our secrets will be laid open. People everywhere have a conscience and we all want forgiveness and help with that burden.
1 Tim. 1:18-19. Keep working on your conscience to keep it in good order so that your faith won’t be lost.

—Robert Lee, May 30, 2004, p.m.

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