“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

Flee, Follow, Fight

(Please read 1 Timothy 6:6-12)

August 30

Our generation is not the first to have to deal with the siren song of money and the things it can buy. Gold and silver glittered just as brightly in New Testament times as they do today, and the apostle Paul saw the need to caution the young evangelist, Timothy, and us, about the dangers behind the false promise of riches. So he presented a sermon in a nutshell, one which perhaps we can remember easily by the three key words in this morning’s title.

After outlining the dangers of riches and the vanity of covetousness, Paul said, “Flee these things” (KJV). The love of money is likened here to a drowning man, a plant bearing bad fruit and an entrapped animal, “pierced through . . . with many sorrows.” So get away; don’t linger. The surest safety is in flight.

But our flight isn’t to be just mindless panic. As we move away from temptation, we head for exactly the opposite – actively follow after righteousness and its good attributes. Then the vision of faith and hope will outshine even the brightest sheen of silver and gold.

Our pursuit of good will not always be smooth. The devil is wily, and we have to arm ourselves for spiritual warfare and fight the good fight of faith. With the Lord’s help, we will prevail and can say as Paul later did, “I have fought a good fight . . . I have kept the faith” (2 Timothy 4:7). Which will make any sacrifice or hardship on our part seem as nothing, in view of the glory ahead.

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