“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

“Fresh and Green”

(Please read Psalm 92:12-15)

June 27

Society in general seems to think of older folks more in terms of green pastures than of being fresh and green, but here is a promise that righteous people can be spiritually productive in their old age. If you doubt it, see how many older people you can think of who during your lifetime have been of great value in the church.

Then think of what might have happened in previous years if every preacher had stopped preaching the day he was 60 or 65 or 70. Some of the best work by some of the best preachers would not have been done, and the church would have been poorer. But you don’t have to be a preacher to be a productive Christian; the church would be hurt as badly if its nonpreaching members decided to shut off their spiritual service at some arbitrary “retirement” age.

People are healthier and living longer, so the number of senior saints is increasing. And they constitute a pool of faithful workers that churches need to use effectively.

Church work doesn’t always mean going somewhere every night for a Bible study, or mowing grass and pulling weeds around the church building. Much can be accomplished by telephone, by written notes, by visits to the sick, by office work of various kinds. Many older folks are valuable just for the way they exude kindness and encouragement to others.

So how does this affect you if you’re still young? Well, perhaps it will help you resolve to be a worker for the Lord, young and old, as long as he gives you ability and opportunity.

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