From Helplessness to Service

Mark 5:25-34

  • Uncleanness

Lev. 15:25-27

Mark 1:40-45

This story tells about a woman who was afflicted and not only was she physically uncomfortable, she was also considered to be unclean.   She had to endure isolation as well as discomfort.  

In a second story, a leper was healed.  Jesus healed both of these individuals. 

Today we have sin that separates us from God.  Jesus has the power and the love to make us clean.   We can experience the healing power n a spiritual level.

  • Helplessness

Mark 5:25-34

This woman had sought all solutions and they had failed her.  She came to the Lord when she was helpless.  When we come to the Lord helpless, we are ready to accept his help.

John 15:4-5

Jesus says that he us the vine and we are the branches.  We need Jesus to give us his power to help us bear fruit for him. 

1Tim. 5:5

We need to continue to call on God’s help through prayer.   We are dependent on Jesus Christ.

We must continually express our need for Him.

  • Faith in Action

Mark 5:25-34

This woman’s faith brought into contact with the Lord.  Her faith drove her to take a specific action.  In our lives today, what actions are we driven to do, because of our faith, today?  Baptism is an act of faith.  Communion is an act of faith.  Simple actions, accompanied by faith, bring great power into our lives today.

Heb. 11:32-39

This shows the great deeds that are done when we have faith.  What about our actions today?  Are we strong in the faith?

James 2:14-17

We need to act on our faith.  This is what keeps our spiritual lives alive and abundant. 

  • Confessing Christ

Mark 5:25-34

Why didn’t Christ just let her go on with her life?

Jesus had a further blessing for her.  He gave her an opportunity to confess what God had done for her and Jesus gave her a blessing because of her faith.

Matt. 10:32-33

Jesus will acknowledge those who confess Him.

Mark 8:34-38

Jesus will not acknowledge those who are ashamed of Him.

Matt. 25:14-30 

Don’t be timid about using your talents openly for Jesus.  

Are there works you could be doing for the Lord? 

—Robert Lee, 2-13-05, a.m.

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